We are

Radically transparent

From our financial statements to our factories, we’re disclosing everything.

The not-so-secret recipe

Our financials

Beginning July 2017 we will be publicly releasing our financial statements.

Like a non-profit, we hold ourselves to the same standards of integrity and transparency. 

Find out why we decided not to operate as a non-profit:


The Kitchen

Our factory

where our Brownies are made

Our sunglasses are handcrafted at Lumia Glasses in Shanghai, China. When we spoke with Kevin Lui in sales, we were very impressed with his knowledge of the sunglasses industry. He invited us to visit the factory, which was a big part of the reason we selected it. Lumia Glasses is very open about their processes and the working conditions at their facility, and to top it off—they have a super friendly staff.



The sweetener

Our customers


We're making our business your business.


Your opinion will influence the future of Brownie.

We're inviting all Brownie lovers to participate in decisions that businesses typically don't open up to the public. Things like: what new styles of sunglasses you'd like to see, which non-profits you'd like us to partner with, the face and voice of future marketing campaigns, and much much more.

Get in on the conversation by becoming a Brownie Lover:


The chefs

Our philosophy

We're fudging up the game.

We are a for-purpose company.

One of our deepest human needs is to make a positive difference in the world in a meaningful and impactful way. Solving curable blindness is the fire that drives Brownie. Creating beautiful sunglasses and helping people look good is the icing on our cake.

We're all about the mindful hustle.

While we're not working on all things Brownie (and sometimes while we are) we enjoy yoga, dancing, juice fasts, and starting our meetings with meditations. We do these things because they directly enhance our creativity, productivity and joy.

We like to play.

We've probably all experienced companies that are full of pressure, internally competitive and stuffy. For us, having a good time is integral to our work experience and helps us create a space for creativity and collaboration.



Function  +  Fashion  +  Compassion